Sisley Introduces the New Phyto-Blanc Routine for Spotless and Flawless Skin

In 2020 Sisley released a powerful Phyto-Blanc Serum with a global anti-dark spot and unifying action, Le Concentré; and this year, this French Beauty brand is introducing three new Phyto-Blanc products to join Le Concentré to create a complete beauty ritual for the new Phyto-Blanc range, to leave skin clearer, brighter and restore its original flawless appearance.

The three new Phyto-Blanc products consist of a cleansing foam, La Mousse, a toning lotion, La Lotion, and a moisturizer, Le Soin, are designed to illuminate and even out the complexion while protecting and enhancing the skin’s radiance.


The first step in the Phyto-Blanc routine gently cleanses, eliminates pollution and purifies the skin with La Mousse. Featuring an ultra-sensory foam-in-cream texture, this silky pearlescent cream produces a generous and enveloping foam that protects the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis while providing an effective cleansing action.

The cleanser contains Marshmallow Polysaccharides help to remove all impurities, traces of pollution, and excess sebum, leaving the complexion purified, clearer, more even, and uniform. Meanwhile, it also contains Sunflower and Camellia oils, Glycerin of vegetable origin, and a solution of Biosaccharides that leave the skin soft and velvety.

Take a small amount of the cream in the palm of the hand and mix it with water to create a lather. Apply to damp face and massage into the skin using circular movements, and then rinse thoroughly.


After cleansing, apply La Lotion thoroughly cleansed face and neck to provide the skin with a first wave of moisturising and micro-exfoliating active ingredients to prep the skin for more receptive to skincare applied afterwards.

Light, delicate and soft, Phyto-Blanc La Lotion melts into the skin and is absorbed rapidly. Thanks to the moisturizing and exfoliating actions of Prickly Pear flower extract and White Lily extract, the skin is left radiant, velvety, and softer.

When applied before Le Concentré and Le Soin, La Lotion helps to optimize the radiance and evenness of the complexion. The brightening and illuminating action is provided by a patented Complex (patent pending in France) found throughout the new Phyto-Blanc range comprising of Pea Peptide extract, Hexylresorcinol, Vitamin B3 and wild Thyme extract.


Le Soin is a patented beautifying anti-dark spot daily moisturizer with full urban protection (SPF 50+ PA +++) that acts on three levels for a global action – fundamental, essential, and unparalleled.

1. Fundamental: Color Harmony

To recreate the transparency of unified skin, Le Soin incorporates a combination of carefully selected active ingredients to rebalance the color harmony of the skin and restore its freshness. They include a patented Complex that acts on dark spots and globally brightens the complexion – the Phyto-Blanc brightening Complex.

A harmonious complexion is achieved by subtly balancing four of the skin’s main color components: brown, yellow, grey and red. Le Soin helps to rebalance these components to restore even, uniform and radiant skin.

2. Essential: Global Skin Protection Against All Forms of Urban Damage

Titanium Dioxide offers mineral UV protection against UVA and UVB rays with SPF 50+ PA+++, while Buckwheat seed extract fights oxidative stress, protects the skin from pollution, and enhances its natural defenses in the long term. Bisabolol of natural origin and Vitamin E Acetate protect melanocytes from oxidizing micro-stresses thanks to their soothing and anti-free radical properties.

3. Unparalleled: Optimized Beauty

Le Soin forms a correcting, skin-perfecting veil to instantly smooth and refine the skin texture. In combination with Le Concentré, the skin’s radiance is revived to reveal completely unified and radiant skin that glows. The skin is left soft, smoother and moisturized thanks to a combination of Provitamin B5, Macadamia oil and Glycerin of vegetable origin. Its delicate, creamy, non-greasy texture leaves a velvety, matte finish that optimizes make-up wear.

Le Soin has a special formula that resists sweat and humidity and is easy to apply on the face every morning as the last step in the Phyto-Blanc ritual.

Begin your complete skincare routine with the full Phyto-Blanc range to exceptionally brighten, protect, and even out the complexion. Available now at all Sisley Malaysia counters nationwide and online at, the new Phyto-Blanc La Mousse, La Lotion and Le Soin are priced at:

  • Phyto-Blanc La Mousse – RM540 (125ml)
  • Phyto-Blanc La Lotion – RM580 (150ml)
  • Phyto-Blanc Le Soin SPF 50+ PA+++ – RM1,200 (40ml)