Do you find yourself consistently whipping out your smartphone at some of the most inappropriate times – family reunion, a corporate meeting, your grandfather’s funeral? While people might think you’re just checking work related emails or texting, in reality you are actually swiping.

Beyoncé famously sang, “To the left, to the left.” Who knew that this would become a mantra for Tinder addicts all around the world who just can’t stop swiping?


If you are not convinced that you fall under the “Tinder addict” category, we are no professionals but here are some symptoms which may indicate that you need some help.

You’ve spent way too much time putting together your Tinder profile

You understand the make-or-break importance of a quality Tinder profile. But, if you’re going the extra mile – spending hours perfecting, comparing your profile with others, and consistently updating your pictures, you’re clearly obsessed with getting matches.

You get great pleasure and an ego boost by just looking at your matches

Studies have proven that Tinder is really a video game disguised as a dating app. Similar to how a player kills an enemy or collect points, you probably feel a hit of pleasure every time you get a match.

To make that feeling last, the player will then repeat that action. Tinder works the same way, instead of collecting points, you collect matches. The matches you rack up are your trophies that gives you a short term ego boost amongst other pleasures.


Swiping has subconsciously become a part of your daily habits

Say you’re in a restaurant and you’ve just given your orders to the waiter – do you immediately whip out your phone without even thinking? Does it take you a good minute to realize you’re swiping without even realizing? If your answer is “yes” then Tinder has become a daily habit that you’re unaware of. You’re basically doing this on auto-pilot, similar to how people pick up bad habits such as biting fingernails etc.

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