How to Have the Best Dates

in 10 Easy Steps (Part One)

Dating is probably one of the oldest courting rituals in the world. Not to mention the preferred choice of many if compared to the practice of knocking the other person unconscious before dragging them back to the cave by the hair, which I hope, for humanity’s sake, is no longer in practice, not after the stone age. As time goes by, technology gets more high-tech while people get less patient, and going on a date no longer carries the same connotation as it used to.

My friends of the fairer sex constantly complain and vent to me about how there’s no longer any good men out there, at least not one without a wedding band on. Quoting a dear friend of mine,

“Correct, there’s still plenty of fish in the sea, but all DRIED, SALTED FISH! Who wants ‘ikan masin’!? I want fresh fish! Rich in Omega 3 and protein!”

satc gif3Well, in that case, I guess it’s about time that someone put together a comprehensive guide on how to ensure that the girl (or girls) in such scenarios, who spend hours or even days buying or picking the perfect dress, washing their hair and putting their face on, actually has a good time.

Please note that the following advice are a result of years of extensive research done by yours truly, based on the bitching and moaning of my exclusive circle of highly sophisticated and extremely well-adjusted friends.SATC gif

Step 1:

Build up the anticipation!

Prior to the actual time and day of the date, do not hesitate to let the other party know how much you are looking forward to it. Do so by calling, sending pre-date flowers (or any form of acceptable gifts), or simply texting her saying “I look forward to our date.” Feel free also to make sure that she feels the same way, by subtly dropping hints here and there, of the things you have planned for the date. For say, calling and saying, in a casual manner “I know how much you love sushi,” or “There are a few new restaurants in town and I’ve read that one of them is really good.”

friends gif1

Step 2:


No! Mesh shirts, boardshorts and sandals are NOT acceptable date attire! “What could’ve possibly made him think that he could pull off a mesh top? For goodness sake even Miley can’t make it work! WORST DATE EVER!” It’s no rocket science guys, if you have the audacity to ask anoter person to spare you a their precious, then please have the decency to show up dress up.


Step 3:

Pick her up!

“But the traffic…” “It’d be easier for us to meet up at the restaurant.” “The place is nearer to my house…” “I don’t have a car,” Whatever the excuse is, just shut up already. Pick her up at her place for the date. Any girl would definitely appreciate a guy who would go the extra mile for them, in this case, literally. Thing of the extra time you would get to spend with her getting stuck in the KL traffic TOGETHER; going around in circle for indefinite time looking for a spot to park TOGETHER.


Step 4:

Be a gentleman!

Although many might scream that chivalry is dead and long gone, it shouldn’t prevent you from wooing your date with utmost respect and kindness. You don’t need to get a defibrillator and go all E.R. in order to revive chivalry and proof these naysayers wrong. Just keep treating your date in the same way that you would hope for others to treat your dearest female family members. Be it giving her heartfelt compliments, or opening doors for her. Your charm and thoughtfulness would no doubt guarantee you a second, third, fourth… date!


Step 5:

Practice democracy!

A woman does not like to be dictated in the same way that nobody would like a dictator. So do not commit insufferable mistakes, such as: placing order for both persons without seeking her opinion; hogging the conversation with topics about you that interest, well, nobody but yourself; being rude and inconsiderate to others around you, including the waiters, the other patrons, etc.

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(To be continued)

emma & Ryan