Happy Women’s Day: Giorgio Armani Innovates with the Creation of the Sì Women’s Circle

Many women have had the courage and audacity to embark on a new path, to choose the road less traveled, to blaze a new trail.  Why? What motivated them to do so?

A dream, an inexorable desire, a passion.

Women find their voice through various ways. The women chosen by Giorgio Armani don’t fight against something but rather for themselves, finding strength to overcome obstacles and to pursue different courses in life. To choose a different destiny, one of passion and tolerance, of the independent spirit typical of the women of our time, of freedom and love, of work and family life, of emotions, hesitation, choice.

A woman who allows herself to be who she is, who celebrates who she is: strong and sensitive, deep and lighthearted, enterprising and thoughtful. These are the dualities that shape today’s woman, simple and complex, bold and natural, elegant and graceful. An Armani woman, the Sì woman. The scent of passion, freedom, commitment, and femininity.

Giorgio Armani Gives a Voice to Today’s Women

After the success of the digital video The Courage to Say Sì, the doors of dialogue have been opened with women from all walks of life, around the world, whose only connection is to have found the inner strength to say Sì to their dreams, Sì to themselves, and to have found the courage and commitment to fully live their passion.

To inaugurate the Sì Women’s Circle, an initial video with Cate Blanchett, inviting women to say “Sì” has been posted March 1, 2016 on YouTube.

For the Sì Women’s Circle’s first edition, 5 women from around the world, including Helena Rizzo, Kee-Yoon Kim, Charlotte Ranson, Yuja Wang and Cecile Schmollgruber, all of who said “Sì” by telling their life stories in the videos. Check out the videos below for the stories of Helena Rizzo, Kee-Yoon Kim and Yuja Wang.

Source: PR Newswire