This year, Versace and Rosenthal celebrate the 25th anniversary of collaboration since the two brands first adorned the tables around the world in 1992, under the creative direction of Gianni Versace himself. Their partnership that has seen the birth of many finest porcelain collections enriched by some of the most iconic Versace prints.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary, Rosenthal meets Versace issues a Limited Edition of special pieces: 25 plates and tea cups featuring 25 different, legendary designs that made the history of this extraordinary collaboration, in which time, history, myth and culture are forever intertwined.

Medusa Silver Collection

The Rosenthal Meets Versace 25-year collaboration is celebrated with a special edition tea set featuring the powerful Medusa symbol dressed in silver for this unique occasion. Finely crafted precious gold and silver strikingly interplaying between shiny and powder-mat surfaces. The iconic Medusa, the central element that strongly expresses what this collaboration has always been about: a perfect match.

La Scala del Palazzo

The majestic marble staircase of the Palazzo Versace in Milan is the inspiration behind the opulent new “La Scala del Palazzo” design. Bold yet refined architectural elements are cut through with shimmering metallic spirals, unveiling the hidden beauty and the legacy of the Maison’s historical building.

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