We’ve provided a few tips on how to declutter your wardrobe, so what do you once you have removed the excess and now have the pieces you really want? How do you organise your closet and make it the most efficient system?

We’re going to tell you how.

Tips to Organize Your Closet

Keep all your similar items together 

Group all the clothing that is within the same family together – long-sleeved shirts go together, all your pants in one place, your skirts in another – this makes it easier to find what you need. Once you’ve done this, organise them by colour – black pants, black tops, black skirts.

Get more closet space with skinny hangers 

Switch all your bulky hangers for skinny ones. You’ll be surprised how much space you actually gain, which helps you fill up your closet with more clothes.

To hang or to fold?

Anything that is made of loose material and fabrics that are quick to wrinkle, place that on the hanger. But if something is soft and durable, the best way to reduce its volume is to fold it.

Image: brightside.me
Image: brightside.me

Line your clothes up on its side, don’t stack them

If you’re stuffing a drawer with clothing, the best way to do them is to flip them on their side (imagine it like you’re storing files), this way every single piece of clothing is visible as you open the drawer. You don’t have to search beneath columns of clothes, or leave some pieces unfound at the bottom of the stacks.

Organise your underwear 

Sometimes our undergarments can look like they are in a complete disarray. How do you even find what you’re looking for? One method is to arrange your underwear colours from light to dark tones.. the lighter ones in front and the darker ones in the back.

Image: fantastic viewpoint.com
Image: fantastic viewpoint.com

Stack your bras 

This is a little nifty trick, don’t fold your bras but instead tuck the straps into the cups and line them up in your drawer, propped lightly against each other.

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– Cover Image: hgtv.com