Ecovitta Offers Eco-friendly Cleaning Solution for a Safer and Healthier Environment

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 cases, there has been a huge demand for cleaning and sanitising products for personal hygiene or household use. However, many of these products contain chemicals and substances that can irritate your skin or even cause an allergic reaction or serious health issues. Therefore, using safe cleaning and sanitising products is incredibly important to keeping you and your family in good health.

With aim to create healthier lives and homes through a safe and innovative steam technology, Ecovitta, a global OEM brand for steam cleaners, launches its revolutionary EC01S Steam Cleaner in the Malaysian market, to allow families to clean, sanitise, and refresh more efficiently without the use of harmful chemicals during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Ecovitta EC01S Steam Cleaner is an all-in-one solution for the quickest, easiest cleaning experience

The Ecovitta brand maybe new to some of your ears, but it has been innovating steam technology for decades, and a trustworthy name for world-renowned brands such as Hoover, Oreck, Morphy Richards, Bork, and many others. Pioneered by Nasser Jafarzadeh in 1980s, Ecovitta’s steam cleaning technology is designed to revolutionise home appliances by creating a healthier, multi-functional, and superior machine. In 2019, Ecovitta set up its global headquarters in Malaysia. Presently the brand has presence in 22 countries including the US, UK, Australia, Korea etc, and has produced and sold more than one million steam cleaners globally.

The Ecovitta EC01S’s revolutionary technology simplifies the 3-step routine of sanitising, cleaning, and refreshing in one compact, multifunctional machine. Harnessing the power of ultra-dry steam, EC01S is able to kill up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, including e-coli, dust mites, and bedbugs¹.

Ecovitta EC01S only uses Water – the safest option for you and your family.

What’s more, EC01S is eco-friendly, which uses only water, without any chemicals – ideal for those who are sensitive or allergic to chemical cleaners, have sinus infections or asthma, or for families with babies, children, and pets. You can safely use it to sanitise deliveries, disinfect personal belongings², and clean every corner of your home – for your peace-of-mind and your family’s health and safety.

The EC01S’s ultra-dry, high-temperature steam able to kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Stronger than ever, the EC01S’s instant-steam generator technology produces ultra-dry steam in under 30 seconds. Combined with its large, 800ml water tank, the steam cleaner is able to produce up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted, powerful steam³.

The EC01S is a 7-in-1 steam cleaner for unrivalled multi-functionality cleaning – easily attach and detach accessories based on your cleaning needs.

This all-in-one steam cleaner comes with 7 attachments for unrivalled multi-functionality – including floor head for various flooring; comb and glide base for carpet; squeegee nozzle for glass and mirrors; utility nozzle for above-floor cleaning; and deflector nozzles for precision. Pair these attachments with the specially designed microfiber cloths to loosen and lift dirt off surfaces- allowing you to clean and sanitise in one motion.

The EC01S works impressively for various surface types including carpet, sealed hardwood, marble, tiles, sofas, beds, glass, and more. This makes it ideal for cleaning virtually any part of your home such as your kitchen, stovetops, sinks, bathrooms, mattresses, and even toys. Experience clean like never before, the EC01S will leave your home feeling naturally refreshed, clean of dirt and grime, and disinfected of germs.

In celebration of the official launch of Ecovitta EC01S Steam Cleaner in Malaysia in July 2021, Ecovitta is giving a special 40% discount for those who purchase during the limited pre-launching period starting 16 June 2021. Available now at, Ecovitta EC01S Steam Cleaner is priced at RM1,299 (RM779 after discount) and comes with free shipping and a risk-free, 90-day trial with money back guarantee.

¹ Results based on lab testing under controlled conditions. Results may vary based on surface cleaned.
² Do not steam directly on to skin, plants or pets. Remove clothing before steaming them.
³ Based on optimised test settings in lab.

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