Photos of an Audi R8 that costs around MYR 1.4 million badly trashed have recently went viral on social media. According to reports, the very unfortunate luxury car belongs to an unfaithful husband whose wife went ‘Ex-Mrs. Tiger Woods’ on him after finding out about his affairs.

Audi R8

The bright red Audi R8 unfortunately became the casualty amidst the marital drama. Both the exterior and interior of the multimillion car was utterly damaged beyond repair. The photos clearly show that beside having its lights, glass and body panel smashed, everything inside the car, including the real leather seats did not survive the attack. Demeaning phrases like ‘f*** YOU’ and ‘KISS MY A**’ are also carved onto the body panel.

Audi R8 2

This goes to show that no man should ever underestimate a woman’s wrath. Our sympathy goes out to the Audi R8, but not to the cheating husband. R.I.P. poor car!

15-11-e1423349364843aThe only well wishes we could possibly spare him is that the impending divorce will not clean him out, as we dedicate the following song and music video specially to him.