We tried Teleport Pink’s RM40 Flat Rate Next Day International Parcel Delivery… and we can guarantee that It’s Fast, Affordable & Easy To Use

Trying out Teleport Pink’s flat rate, next-day international parcel delivery so you’ll ALSO want to.

I cannot decide what’s more of a hassle whenever I have to send a parcel overseas. The forms I must fill in manually? Printing the consignment note? Or leaving home to do all that?

The last one, probably…

If you can relate to any of the above, Teleport Pink might be a courier service you’ll want to check out.

At a bonkers flat rate of only RM40, you can send parcels across South East Asia, and it will arrive tomorrow*. The best part, you don’t even need to leave your office or home.

*At the time of writing, Singapore is the only available shipping destination – but the company’s website did say Teleport Pink will be rolled out in phases, starting with specific areas within Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, followed by a series of new destinations in 2023, which will include expansion of service coverage area into other parts of Kuala Lumpur as well as other key Southeast Asia destinations, such as Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila.

If you’ve never sent a parcel overseas before, a delivery rate of RM40 is super affordable. Like, 80% more affordable than what’s already in the market…

It costs a bomb to send things quickly to another country. Even the cheapest option can set you back at least RM165. And this is for Singapore, our closest neighbour.

So, unless someone is celebrating a birthday, anniversary or special occasion, it’s often not worth sending over non-essential items even if they’re important to a loved one.

Like when my bestie, V, left her laptop charger in Malaysia, she bought a new one because it wasn’t worth paying that much to get it couriered to Singapore.

It’s situations like this that Teleport Pink wants to change.

The company wants to make it possible for the everyday person to send things to friends and family overseas without needing a good reason to.

So, those of you in LDRs…
Those of you with besties in Singapore…
Those of you studying overseas…

Testing Out Teleport Pink’s REALLY FAST Courier Service So You’ll Also Want To!

Teleport Pink sent us a few of their PINK bags this month to send anything to friends and family overseas FOR FREE*.

*and so can you, details below! 😉

The PINK bag is high-quality and large enough to hold >5KG of items.

The PINK bags

With Christmas on the way, I decided to send my friend, V, an early Christmas gift to test out the service.

Also, if I do that, she might send me something from Singapore in return too

Here’s how it went down…


Packed V’s gift. Even got her a cute little Snowman card.
Hope she likes it la.

Arranged for pick up with Teleport Pink.
It was so easy. All I needed to do was scan the highly visible QR code on the back of the bag.

The Teleport Pink rider arrived!

The Pink rider will be at your doorstep within 3 hours of your delivery confirmation. He will check your parcel to help it clear customs faster and then seal it for you.



V’s gift has reached her doorstep!
The rider in Singapore contacted her at 1:30PM-ish to notify her about the delivery.
3 hours later, it arrived at her HDB block and I was notified on my end.
All in all, delivery time took <36-Hours! Not bad.

I can see myself using Teleport Pink to send out exact-date birthday gifts or to send important items a friend needs.

Teleport Pink is useful for those who need to send items overseas hop scotch and affordably.

I like that the fast, next-day delivery is punctual and is actually affordable.
I also like that the rider picks up my parcel at my doorstep.

On top of being assured that my parcel is safe (Teleport Pink sends you cheerful email updates), I could also track its whereabouts on their website. For RM40, that’s invaluable!

Picked up at 10:41AM; Delivered next day by 6PM

You Can Send Something With Teleport Pink Too!

Teleport Pink wants to change the way people send and receive items. This December, you can send items FOR FREE with their service.

Until 31 December 2022, you can Teleport FOR FREE to Singapore. Just in time for Christmas and New Year’s.

When you purchase their iconic PINK bag, you’ll get a Free Delivery promo code “PINKFREE” for your first delivery.

After the delivery is completed, you can share the Free Delivery promo code “PINKFREE” with friends. Your receiver in Singapore ALSO gets a Free Delivery promo code! And Teleport Pink doesn’t stop at one end, you can reuse the bag again! The sticker on the PINK bag can be peeled off to reveal a second tracking number.

This means, your receiver in Singapore can use their Free Delivery promo code to send someone else something OR return a gift to you, using the same parcel bag.

Whatever they like.

V decided to send a gift back to me using the same bag.
It’s simple #GiftExchangeEconomics.
What goes around comes around 😉

Singapore shipping fees cost SGD15 — about half a bottle of wine.

But with the Free Delivery promo code, it was FOC.

At 3:14PM the next day, I received her parcel in good condition!
She had given me soap and a scented candle in a glass jar.

Yes, glass. I applaud her for being daring lol.

But wouldn’t you believe it? The jar survived without a crack even though it wasn’t packed with much cushioning.

Looks like fragile items can be sent via Teleport Pink without worrying about breakages! It lived.

Now go ahead and send something to someone just because…

Have fun with Teleport Pink 🙂

Useful and speedy, the service is a fun way to make a long-distance loved one’s day and to remind them you’re thinking of them.

Besides, with Christmas arriving soon, that free delivery could be useful in sending something bigger than a card this year!

You can purchase the Teleport Pink bags at their online store OR purchase them from these MyNews outlets.

Teleport Pink parcel bags can be purchased at selected myNEWS outlets, partnered co-working spaces like Common Ground, WORQ and Co-labs and vending machines across key locations like Sunway Pyramid and Lot 10.

For more information, visit Teleport Pink’s website here.