MAGGI Celebrates the Cooks Behind the Chinese New Year Feast

This Chinese New Year, MAGGI Malaysia pays homage to these unsung heroes with its heartwarming campaign, “The Heart & Soul of Chinese New Year.” It’s a heartfelt ode to the countless hands that tirelessly chop, simmer, and stir, ensuring every dish sings with tradition and love.

No cooks, no celebration. This simple truth resonates deeply with MAGGI. They champion the countless hours spent preparing elaborate feasts, the meticulous attention to detail, and the love poured into every dish. These are the invisible threads that bind families and communities together, making Chinese New Year more than just a feast – it’s a celebration of togetherness and enduring traditions.

MAGGI invites you to join them in showering your favourite cook with love through the “The Heart & Soul of Chinese New Year” Appreciation Contest. Here’s your chance to show gratitude for the tireless efforts that make the reunion table the heart of the festivities.

Join the Celebration:

  • Head over to MAGGI’s official website here.
  • Share your story: Upload a photo and write a heartfelt caption expressing your appreciation for the home cook in your life (max 225 characters). Include how they’ve made your Chinese New Year special.
  • Bonus points: Share a photo featuring a MAGGI® product for an extra edge!
  • Win a MAGGI Appreciation Kit: 2,000 lucky participants will receive a kit packed with MAGGI culinary products, perfect for elevating any Chinese New Year dish.
    Contest Period: January 18th – February 29th, 2024

Follow MAGGI on their website and social media for contest updates and winner announcements.

Don’t forget to explore MAGGI’s curated selection of recipes for inspiration on their “The Heart & Soul of Chinese New Year” website.

Together, let’s make this festive season a testament to the love, dedication, and delicious creations of the cooks who bring us together.

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