Reveals 10 Most In-Demand Jobs After MCO, Malaysia’s 2nd largest job site has released its latest “2020 Hiring Survey Results: Post COVID-19 Hiring Survey”, which shows that 56% employers are looking to hire within 3 months after the Movement Control Order(MCO) in the face of the health crisis. The survey result reveals that 86% of responding organizations are not considering any retrenchment plans, but will implement the pay-cut policy.

The findings of the survey also show that recruitment and logistic companies will have the highest spike on hiring after the MCO. Moreover, we have also identified 10 most in-demand jobs after the MCO.

  1. Lorry Driver
  2. Software Engineers
  3. Sales & Marketing Executive
  4. Nurses
  5. E-Commerce Executive
  6. Social Media Executive
  7. Business Analyst
  8. Recruiter
  9. Customer Service
  10. Human Resources

The survey also found that 95% of the companies are opting for pay-cuts on employee’s salary as part of their cost-cutting plans after the MCO. About 81% opted for the removal of non-contractual allowances and benefits. 56% are planning to reduce permanent employees but increase contract employees. While 45% are instituting unpaid leave and 42% opted to freeze the amount headcount.

Based on the hiring survey result, that 81% of responding employees are not considering changing their current job after the MCO. Majority of the respondents state their reasons with 85% thinking that it will be difficult to secure a better job. While 65% of responding employees are willing to support companies to go through the MCO period and 57% think that uncertainty in the economic outlook is not the right time to change jobs.