Huggies Malaysia Celebrates Mother’s Day with New & Improved Diaper and Fun Run!

Huggies Malaysia hosted a special Mother’s Day celebration by co-organising the Alam Damai Fun Run, promoting active lifestyles for families. This event coincided with the exciting launch of their new and improved Huggies Dry Pants, designed for active babies. Huggies further demonstrated their commitment to local communities by donating diapers to 100 B40 households.

“We understand the importance of physical activities for families,” says Mona Shamili, Marketing Manager of Huggies Malaysia. “The Fun Run aligns perfectly with our brand-new Huggies Dry Pants, both promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.”

This upgraded Huggies Dry Pants boasts improved softness, particularly at the leg flaps, for maximum comfort during active play. “Fast and active babies can now move freely without irritation,” says Mona. The Huggies Dry Pants feature patented Fast Absorb X-Channel technology. This unique design distributes pee rapidly and evenly, keeping babies dry and comfortable for up to 10 hours.

Huggies also strives to be a supportive partner for both babies and parents. Their tagline, “We Got You, Baby,” reflects their dedication to creating effective and comfortable products for little ones.

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