Celebrate Hari Raya with Tradition at 1 Utama: “Hikayat Sang Perantau” Awaits!

Prepare for an unforgettable Hari Raya celebration immersed in tradition! From March 15th to April 14th, 2024, 1 Utama Shopping Centre invites you to embark on a journey through “Hikayat Sang Perantau“, transporting you to the heart of the East Coast.

  • Wayang Kulit Theatre (LG Oval Concourse): Immerse yourself in a nostalgic kampung setting. Step into a beautifully crafted Rumah Tiang 12 housing an authentic shadow puppet theatre. Be mesmerized by towering Wayang Kulit figures narrating timeless folklore tales.
  • Kampung Nelayan (GF Centre Court): Stroll along a charming jetty adorned with a majestic 15ft Perahu Kolek. Explore vibrant seaside merchant booths overflowing with exquisite handicrafts and delectable treats. Swaying coconut trees complete the idyllic coastal ambiance.
  • Wau Bulan Showcase (GF Centre Court): Marvel at the artistry and cultural significance of Malaysian kites from various regions. Witness the graceful display of these traditional Wau Bulan.

Experience captivating Wayang Kulit shows, Angklung performances, Dikir Barat dances, and Nelayan dances. Engage in batik painting and Wau making workshops, fostering new memories and deepening cultural appreciation.

Indulge in joyful Festive Shopping as you discover a dazzling array of Baju Raya with matching accessories for the entire family. Enhance your festive spirit with irresistible Raya deals and promotions. Delight in a mouthwatering selection of traditional rendang, kuih raya, cakes, and snacks, perfect for sharing with loved ones during Raya open houses.

Moreover, enjoy exclusive Raya Rewards with a minimum spend of RM400 (RM600 for non-ONECARD members) and redeem Hari Raya gifts (while supplies last). HSBC Credit Cardholders can avail themselves of exclusive deals, including complimentary Ceramic Canisters and ONECARD Gift Cards with minimum purchases. ONECARD & 1PAY members can earn cashback with minimum spends and send e-Duit Raya via the 1 Utama SuperApp, with a FREE Raya Canister upon ONECARD application.

For those who prefer online shopping, revel in Raya gifts and discounts with minimum purchases on Oneshop.com.my.

For a complete list of events and promotions, visit 1 Utama’s website, Facebook page, or Instagram page.

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