Savour The Affordable Ready-To-Eat & Fresh Food At The KK Concept Store

The KK Group of Companies who has brought us the convenience of KK SUPER MART, a 24-hour convenience store chain in Malaysia, serving over 9,000 daily essential products across 400 outlets to date has recently launched the KK Concept Store in KL.

Founder & Group Executive Chairman of KK Group of Companies, Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai standing at the entrance of the store.

The store marks Malaysia’s first homegrown ready-to-eat and fresh food concept store that
offers over 100 food choices of ready-to-eat and fresh food at a great value.

The food sold is truly Malaysian from Premium Sate Sauce with Kangkung, Asam Pedas Oden (with a Japanese twist), Hainanese Chicken Chop, Chicken Rendang Bento Rice, Pao and Siew Mai. For dessert lovers, there is even Gelateria Musang King.

For healthier meal options, you can personalise your meal with a range of fresh ingredients to choose from at the Sandwich & Salad bar.

There is also a wide variety of bakery items, such as buns, cakes, cookies and muffins which are sold at all hours of the day. Be spoilt for choice with the range of the Japanese cuisine favourite – the oden. It is served in three types of flavoured broths: Asam Pedas, Mala and Clear Soup.

It could be your next BB tea spot because they have bubble tea with QQ Jelly and Red Beans as toppings served in freshly made milk tea.

Ice-cream lovers will be tempted to try a range of delicious ice-cream treats with popular flavours such as chocolate, strawberry and mango and innovative flavour such as Musang King and frozen yoghurt with over 15 toppings to choose from.

As a homegrown brand that is constantly redefining the convenience store market, the KK Concept Store aims to offer a unique retail environment for consumers to enjoy. There’s even a modern contemporary café, called the B Café offering freshly brewed coffee and an assortment of food items. With a built-up area of 1,000 square feet occupying the upper floor, the cosy space designed café with great natural lighting is suitable for anyone who wants to relax, converse and work at ease.

Founder & Group Executive Chairman of KK Group of Companies, Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai said, “The KK Concept Store is a game changer for the company and also for the
convenience store market in Malaysia. We aim to provide an exclusive food menu that is
convenient to get and is value for money. We also want to offer a unique experience of shopping and dining and quality service to every customer be it families with young children, working adults, late night customers and even seniors that walks into our store.
We aim to open another 40 more KK Concept Stores by 2020 and each of the outlet will be
strategically placed in both residential and high traffic areas. We will also continue to
redefine our concept and offering to meet the demands of our consumers.”

The KK Concept Store is located along the row of shop lots opposite Plaza Low Yat (address: No. 54, Jalan Bulan off Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur). Consumers can enjoy browsing for everyday essentials on the ground floor of the store while discovering a range of food selection available on the ground floor and at B Café on the second floor.

Plus, there will be a 20% off on all Bento sets from 23rd July till 11th August 2019. The promotion continues with 20% off on all make-to-order sandwiches from 12th August till 31st August 2019. Now, you have more food options to get you through the day!

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