Guinness Snowskin Mooncakes – A Modern Twist on Mid-Autumn Flavour

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, savour the captivating charm of this festival with a delightful twist – Guinness Snowskin Mooncakes. Crafted through a partnership between The Beer Factory (TBF) and Guinness Malaysia, these limited-edition mooncakes promise a delectable adventure for your taste buds.

Combining a rich alcohol-infused golden bean paste centre with the deep, roasted flavours of Guinness and chocolate-infused lotus paste, encased in a velvety snowskin, each bite is a magical blend of taste and tradition.

The packaging, a fusion of modernity and a touch of nostalgia, embodies the festival’s essence. Priced at RM88 for two, these mooncakes are perfect for gifting or sharing with loved ones. Don’t miss out, grab yours on TBF’s website at while stocks last.

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