6 Ways To Bringing More Meaning To Your 2021 Eid Celebration

Muslims in Malaysia will have to brace another different Eid this year due to the Covid-19 virus. The Malaysian Government recently announced, visits during Eid, as well as both interstate and inter-district travels will not be permitted until June 7th. Therefore, celebrating Muslims are unable to “balik kampung”, which was a usual practice pre-Covid.

Eid may be a tad gloomy this year, but you can still celebrate with your loved-ones living in the same District. Here, Tourism Selangor lists out 6 ways to make this year’s Eid memorable and joyful for you.

1. Recite Eid Takbeer

Eid should be celebrated with open arms to express gratitude to the Almighty. Reciting the takbeer is a sunnahthat can be performed with family members led by the head of the family at his repective house. Even you are celebrating Eid at home, you can always get into the spirit by reciting takbeer with your loved ones!

2. Perform Eid Prayer with Your Loved Ones

We used to see colourful clothes entering mosques early in the morning for Eid prayer but it is not the same anymore. Although some mosques are open, but not all Muslims get the opportunity to perform Eid prayer in the mosque. Don’t be sad – since it is sunnah to perform Eid prayer, you can do so at home with your loved ones. It is the intention that matters.

3. Wear your Best Baju Raya

It is a usual practise to put on new clothes on Eid. Even no Eid visits are allowed this year, it shall not stop you from wearing your baju raya. Eid is a joyous occasion; therefore, you should dress your best to elevate the spirit of Eid. In addition, do not forget to seek forgiveness from your family members; either physical or virtual, and do miss duit raya out! 

4. Enjoy Tasty Dish Synonym with Eid

Enjoying Eid-synonym food is definitely one of the favorite parts during this festive season. Lemang, Ketupat and Rendang are among the best menu that no one could ever resist. In addition, a variety of kuih raya can enliven the Eid atmosphere. You may also enjoy a selection of Selangor’s traditional dish such as Nasi Ambeng, Satay and Pecal. Enjoy all the food and kuih while watching nostalgic movies at the comfort of your home. For more infomation on Selangor’s traditional dish, log on to https://selangor.travel/the-state-of-selangor-a-home-to-gastronomical-delights/.

5. Snap-Snap Raya Photos!

Looking gorgeous and smart in baju raya; do not miss to capture a lot of pictures for memories. It is always a thing to look forward to during Eid each year. Make Eid a great memory despite being-celebrated differently this year. Find the best spots in your house for family Eid photos with different fun poses, or simple screen-capture whist you are video-calling on Eid!

6. Dream Now, Travel Later

Due to both interstate and inter-district travel bans, Eid ambience this year may be a tad gloomy to some. However, this is the perfect time to “Dream Now, Travel Later”. Make the most of your free time by watching Tourism Selangor’s videos on its official YouTube channel such as #PusingSelangorDulu Campaign videos, VR and Aerial View Experience videos featuring 9 of Selangor’s Districts, or simply browse Tourism Selangor’s official website at www.selangor.travel to attain some inspirations for your future travel plans to the State.

We hope that these 6 ways are able to cheer your 2021 Eid up. The celebration might feel different than usual; for two years in a row now, but it will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Utilize virtual opportunities during MCO and connect with your relatives and friends through video calls. Stay safe during this festive season!

For more information, log on to Tourism Selangor’s official website at www.selangor.travel.

This article was contributed by Tourism Selangor.

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