A Christmas tree is a must-have decoration during the festive season. Most of the shopping malls in town have liven up the Christmas atmosphere by decorating their mall with beautiful Christmas decorations in various themes and a gigantic Christmas tree is always the center of attraction and favorite photo spot for shoppers.

The 25m Swarovski Christmas tree at Pavilion's centre court endorsed by the Malaysian Book of Records
The 25m Swarovski Christmas tree at Pavilion’s centre court in Kuala Lumpur endorsed by the Malaysian Book of Records

We believe many of you have also put up a Christmas tree in home by now and decorated it with lights and ornaments. For those whose house have no room for a Christmas tree, don’t be disappointed, here we have compiled for you 21 creative Christmas trees ideas to inspire you. These are creative and beautiful designs of Christmas trees on the wall which only require a small space that help in bringing the Christmas spirit.

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21 Creative Christmas Trees On The Wall

1. Cups and Saucers Christmas Wall Tree

01xmas wall tree
Photo source: sadecor.co.za

2. Star Light Christmas Wall Tree

02xmas wall tree
Photo source: marthastewart.com

3. Wire Christmas Wall Tree

03xmas wall tree
Photo source: bhg.com

4. Yarn Christmas Wall Tree

04xmas wall tree
Photo source: elinepellinkhof.blogspot.my

5. Pom-pom Christmas Wall Tree

05xmas wall tree
Photo source: plumetismagazine.net

6. Garland Christmas Wall Tree

06xmas wall tree
Photo source: annstreetstudio.com

7. Clippings Christmas Wall Tree

07xmas wall tree
Photo source: juliastotz.tumblr.com

8. Typographic Christmas Wall Tree

08xmas wall tree
Photo source: yasuniforever.org

9. Dish Christmas Wall Tree

09xmas wall tree

Photo source: countrydesignstyle.com

10. Greeting Cards Christmas Wall Tree

10xmas wall tree
Photo source: linkdeco.com

11. Honeycomb Christmas Wall Tree

11xmas wall tree
Photo source: studiodiy.com

12. PVC pipes Christmas Wall Tree

12xmas wall tree
Photo source: marthastewart.com

13. Hangers Christmas Tree

13xmas wall tree
Photo source: hezra.tumblr.com

14. LED lights Christmas Wall Tree

14xmas wall tree

Photo source: shelterness.com

15. Post-it Notes Christmas Tree

Photo source: apartmenttherapy.com
Photo source: apartmenttherapy.com

16. Geometric Paint Chip Chistmas Tree

16xmas wall tree
Photo source: we-are-scout.com

17. Patterned Christmas Wall Tree

17xmas wall tree
Photo source: brit.co

18. Paper Garland Christmas Wall Tree

Photo source: curbly.com
Photo source: curbly.com

19. Picture Ledge Christmas Wall Tree

19xmas wall tree
Photo source: mermagblog.com

20. Driftwood Lighting Christmas Tree

20xmas wall tree
Photo source: unilotto.co.uk

21. Trinket Collection Christmas Wall Tree

21xmas wall tree
Photo source: apartmenttherapy.com