ZALORA Pioneers the Adoption of Generative AI in SEA

ZALORA, Asia’s leading fashion e-commerce platform, is spearheading the adoption of generative AI technologies in Southeast Asia with the launch of its proprietary Platform-as-a-Service integration of OpenAI, TITAN.

Sumit Jain, Chief Technology Officer of ZALORA said: “By building on OpenAI technology through our proprietary platform, TITAN, we intend to lead Fashion E-commerce innovation in maintaining a safe and seamless experience for customers and taking the online shopping experience to the next level.”

TITAN is a powerful AI platform that can be used to automate tasks, improve customer experiences, and drive operational efficiencies. ZALORA is using TITAN to power a number of new initiatives, including:

  • Smart Search Discovery: This will improve the search experience for customers by making it easier to find what they are looking for.
  • Conversational Shopping Assistant: This will create a more personalized and engaging shopping experience for customers.
  • Production Automation: This will automate tasks such as tagging and product descriptions, freeing up employees to focus on more strategic work.
  • Internal Chatbots: These will improve employee productivity by providing them with access to information and resources without having to leave their workflow.

ZALORA is also using TITAN to develop new ways to improve the customer experience, such as:

  • Virtual try-on: This will allow customers to virtually try on clothes before they buy them.
  • Personalized recommendations: This will recommend products that are tailored to each customer’s individual needs and preferences.
  • Real-time inventory tracking: This will ensure that customers always know when an item is in stock and available to purchase.

In term of security measure,  ZALORA has developed a series of principles to guide responsible innovation, and it is constantly working to improve its data security measures.

Gunjan Soni, ZALORA CEO and Global Fashion Group COO said: “We are excited to embrace the future with Generative AI and leverage it to deliver the best ‘tailored for fashion’ e-commerce experience for our customers both during and post-purchase. With TITAN we will once again be the first in the region to offer these innovations to our growing loyal base.”

ZALORA’s adoption of TITAN is a significant milestone in the company’s journey to become the leading fashion e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. With TITAN, ZALORA is well-positioned to deliver a truly “wow” customer experience and take the online shopping experience to the next level.

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