Wu Jinyan Embraces Denim Courage in Coach’s “Find Your Courage” Campaign

Coach unveils a dynamic new chapter of its “Find Your Courage” campaign, celebrating the launch of its latest denim collection. The campaign features renowned Chinese actress Wu Jinyan, alongside a surprising partner: virtual human, model, and digital creator imma.

Set in a captivating blend of physical and virtual worlds, the campaign showcases Wu Jinyan’s journey of inspiring courage and overcoming uncertainty. She acts as a mentor to imma, guiding the virtual character to take a bold leap of faith.

This innovative approach reflects Coach’s ongoing commitment to its “The Courage to Be Real” initiative. The campaign empowers individuals to embrace the complexities and multifaceted nature of their identities, particularly resonating with younger generations who are actively redefining the concept of “real” in today’s digital landscape.

The campaign visuals showcase a selection of Coach’s newest denim offerings, including the Quilted Denim Tabby Shoulder Bag, the versatile Charter Backpack in signature denim, the stylish Rogue Top Handle in denim, and the classic Penn Shoulder Bag reimagined in denim.

Explore the Coach Spring collection and find your perfect denim match at coach.com/shop/find-your-courage.

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