5 Workout Brands that are Functional and Stylish

workout clothes affordable beauty fashion trendy
Image: cotton.com

I love a good run, or even a quick 30-minute workout, and these days there’s so much to motivate you to get up and break a sweat. One of which includes the variety of clothing we now see in stores to help you look great while you get that heart rate pumping.

We all know about Nike and Adidas and other sports brands, but what if you’re looking for something at a lower budget? Here are some of my favourite brands:

  1. Cotton On Body – Activewear It’s affordable, it looks great, and it feels great. Their combination of sports bras, attire for running, yoga or pilates, you name it. There’s a diverse range to help you kick-start your workout wardrobe. Check out their collection here.
  2. Forever 21 – Activewear
    trendy workout clothes fashion beauty
    Image: forever21.com

    With super cute shorts, leggings, sports bras, joggers, tanks.. you won’t run out of options with Forever 21’s collection. Again, it’s an affordable alternative and serves its purpose. Check out their collection here.

  3. Zalora.com.my
    While it’s not a brand per say, it’s definitely a one-stop-shop to search for active wear without even leaving your house. Of course size might be an issue but if you’re comfortable with the convenience of online shopping, here’s an option for you. Check out the collection here.

  4. Ash be Nimble

    beauty trendy workout clothes affordable
    Image: ashbenimble.com

    A local brand, this Malaysian option provides plenty of options at a price that often falls below the RM100 range. Clothing is great for all kinds of activities include yoga, pilates, hiking, and many more. Check out their website here.

  5. Lululemon

    workout clothes beauty fashion trendy affordable
    Image: lululemon.com.hk

    For fans of the athleisure trend, Lululemon comes in fitness wear that sticks to your body like a glove with their lycra fabric, which provides support and low-friction performance. Ideal for those who have an inner fashionista hiding within. Check out their website here.