The Pre-Fall 2018 women’s collection takes us to the very place Versace calls home – the noble Milanese palazzo in Via Gesù. From its irresistible courtyard mosaic of the world’s first powerful feminine icon The Medusa, to its timeless furnishing and rich décor, this family home has inspired many things. Now, it inspired a collection that takes us under the covers at the Versace Casa – its devoré velvet baroque, fine silk, and infamous print pillows.

PILLOW TALK – a silk print cushion with mythological iconography and golden tassels doubles over as the new Cuscino shoulder bag.

PRINTS UNLEASHED – animalier on lace, outerwear and accessories bring out an untamed alter ego. Leopards peering out from heritage prints, create a link between the very wild and mythological Versace worlds.

UNEXPECTED COMBOS – opulence is reinvented with irony. Mock croc printed on vinyl plays with a hi-low aesthetic, a Versace trademark. Croc is re-invented through embroidered Swarovski mini dresses. Velvet devoré prints bring a typically noble fabric on flirty evening wear.

ALL IN THE DETAILS – Neo-classical borders, so instantly recognizable as iconic Versace are used on ribbons in graphic lines. Medusa medallions on top stitching create new necklines on day dresses and add a touch of iconic on accessories.

LOGOMANIA – The vintage logo comeback revamps the signature “more-is-more” mantra while creating a sporty all-over print featured on knit, nylon outerwear, denim and accessories.

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