UNIQLO’s SPRZ NY Collaboration Brings Clothes and Art Together

UNIQLO rolls out its SPRZ NY collaborated line at stores around Japan and through uniqlo.com. A natural fit with UNIQLO’s LifeWear philosophy of comfortable everyday clothing for diverse lifestyles, the new range blends highly functional items with authentic motifs from the world of art and pop culture.


The new lineup will include DRY-EX T-shirts, AIRism leggings, a sports bra, pocketable parkas, and other lightweight items made from advanced fiber technologies that breathe and quickly wick away moisture. All items in the range are designed for human movement and are fully responsive to wearers, including people with dynamic activity in their daily routines. The range comprises 20 items for women and 25 for men.


This collection is fruit of a collaboration with SPRZ NY (“Surprise New York”), a global UNIQLO concept project created to emphasize the intersection of clothing and art. Special pieces in the new collection showcase the art of a number of influential and internationally-renowned masters, including Francois Morellet, Niko Luoma and the Experimental Jetset studio. Collection designs celebrate motifs of motion, while evoking the positive emotional energy that comes from exercise and the elation and color of activity in the great outdoors.

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