UNIQLO Ushers in a New Era of Womenswear with UNIQLO : C by Clare Waight Keller

UNIQLO is embarking on a revolutionary journey in women’s fashion with the launch of UNIQLO : C, a curated collection by acclaimed British designer Clare Waight Keller. Infused with Waight Keller’s artistic finesse and modern silhouettes, UNIQLO : C redefines LifeWear with a fresh lens that resonates profoundly with discerning shoppers.

The name UNIQLO : C was chosen to encapsulate the essence of the collection, drawing inspiration from the letter C itself: Curiosity, Conversation, City, Clarity, Connection, and Creativity — all reflecting the visionary designer’s initials, Clare. Through UNIQLO : C, Clare Waight Keller merges her expertise with innovative techniques, resulting in a collection that effortlessly blends comfort and functionality, tailored to modern demands. Each piece exudes bespoke charm, merging refined couture’s allure with everyday wear’s comfort.

The UNIQLO : C lineup offers exquisite pieces redefining classics. From reimagined trench coats to lightweight PUFFTECH blousons, every detail is meticulously crafted. The light down collection boasts anti-static technology, while the knife-pleated maxi skirt showcases heat-pressed satin’s artistry. Fluid skirts and dresses adorned with delicate prints harmonize with relaxed sweaters and shrunken cardigans. The iconic round shoulder bag receives an oversized makeover, and an array of captivating shoes completes the ensemble.

UNIQLO : C seamlessly fuses Clare Waight Keller’s creativity with UNIQLO’s dedication, bridging high fashion and everyday comfort. With 36 items ranging from RM39.90 to RM499.90, the collection debuts on September 15, 2023, both in-store and online at uniqlo.com/my/ marking a new era in accessible elegance.

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