UNIQLO 2019 Spring/Summer: New ONE PIECE UT Collection

UNIQLO’s new lineup of UTs (UNIQLO T-shirts) for 2019 Spring/Summer will comprise more than 1,000 patterns with carefully selected contents.

The new collection provides fresh perspectives on an array of pop culture that is perfect for this season, from works by legendary through emerging artists, manga, animations, and other elements of Japanese culture, and games, characters, and other contents.

Mobile Suit Gundam, manga, and other subculture contents


New Lineup that people love the world over such as encompassing sake and confectionary


A fifth year celebrating diverse artists through SPRZ NY UTs


Fantasies from the MAGIC FOR ALL collaboration project with Disney


UTs highlighting universally beautiful and sophisticated textile patterns

Redesigned UTs for kids and babies


For more information, https://www.instagram.com/uniqlo.ut/