This Smart Bra Is So COMFORTABLE We Don’t Want To Take It Off!

First, smart phones and now, smart bras? What is this all about?

This week, a few of us on the Pamper.My team got to try out Triumph’s newest creation: the Fit Smart bra. This is the first time we were introduced to a smart bra and naturally, the concept perplexed us.

To quote one of our team members, “Smart bra? So this bra can use to make phone calls ah?”

Lacy and dainty with a modest design, the Fit Smart doesn’t exactly look hi-tech. In fact, it looks like a regular bra albeit well-tailored with some kind of superior quality material. But upon putting it on, we were shooketh. IT IS SUCH A COMFORTABLE BRA TO WEAR.

The bra fits snugly without any noticeable tightness while providing great support. The soft material contours to fit our bodies like a caring hug. It was like wearing memory foam. We did not want to take it off. What in the world was this bra made of?

Triumph Fit Smart: The Intelligent Bra That Adapts To Your Body

Sian Thomas, Global Head of Creative Design at Triumph, describes the Fit Smart bra as a revolution in bra design. It is specially engineered (that’s right, engineered) to adapt to our unique female forms.

Research shows that women have one breast larger than the other. Sometimes, we even grow up to a cup size during the course of the month. Because well, hormones. The Fit Smart bra is revolutionary because it provides women with consistent fit, support and comfort no matter the day and month.

“This season sees the launch of the revolutionary Fit Smart bra, available in four sizes, with an intelligent support system that moulds to women’s unique shapes. With customers searching out more personalised solutions, we wanted to create a new innovation that adapts to personal shapes but still delivers best-in-class support and looks beautiful.”

— Sian Thomas, Global Head of Creative Design at Triumph

4D-Engineered Stretch Lace For Breathable, Movable Comfort

We can’t describe just how comfortable this bra is. The 4D-engineered stretch lace is light, soft and cottony. When worn, it adjusts and molds to your form providing great natural support with breathability.

We found this excellent for weathering moments when we become prone to water retention. Or if our work requires us to move around a lot during the day.

Hakuna Those Tatas: It’s WIRELESS!

Additionally, the Fit Smart is a non-wired bra which add more to its already comfortable fit. It snugly wraps and holds your bust with no tight, pinchy areas. At first, we were concerned that the lack of wire might equal less support or result in a “saggy booby” shape when worn under the clothes. This wasn’t even the case with the Fit Smart.

Throughout our trial, which included styling the bra with various outfits, we found that the Fit Smart is capable of generous support while maintaining a flattering form – all thanks to the sturdy elastic support strap and 4D-engineered foam cups. As a result, the bra gives your bust a gentle lift and a natural, round shape. As far as non-wired bras are concerned, this perk was a MAJOR PLUS POINT.

Want to get one?

You can find it in Triumph stores and online ( The bra comes in a set with matching briefs and retailing at RM249 for bra and RM89.90 for briefs.

Available in 5 different colours to suit your style…

● Nude Beige
● Black
● Sweet Green
● Terracotta
● Wedgewood Blue