This Season’s Latest Eyewear Trends From Luxottica

The right pair of eyewear can elevate your look and appearance, keeping you looking stylish and on trend. Check out this season’s latest eyewear trends from Luxottica that will keep you one step ahead in the fashion stakes!

1Celestial Illusion

Celestial Illusion portrays eyewear that are classic, ethereal and graceful where colours flow freely and light dances on a surfaces in dream-like wonder. Delicate layering of material and textured reliefs build on an otherworldly narrative, bordering on the edge of pure magic. The illusion is manifested in movement, rendered through fluid material and radiating colours that range from soft to explosive.

2Exaggerated Shapes

Guaranteed to turn heads on the street with these Funky & Odd Shaped Eyewear which are undeniably fashionable, cool and stylish. Stay on point and be ready to appear trendy on the streets.

3Lazor Razor

Making use of advanced technology, lenses are no longer plain but decorated with intricate designs and splashes of logos. Luxottica showcases the assortment of statement-making sunglasses featuring extravagant logos from brands such as Dolce&Gabbana, Emporio Armani, as well as Burberry. It is common for designers to incorporate their brand logos on the temples or upper corners of the lenses on a pair of sunglasses, but this season, the trend is taken to the next level with the etching of their branding directly onto the front of the lenses –these flashy logos are sure to draw attention.

4Retro Revival

Refined vintage-style eyewear shapes and frames make a nostalgic mark this season. From classic rectangular to oval or cat-eye, there are ’70s to ‘90s shapes to flatter every face.

5One-piece Lens

One-piece lens is one of the hottest trends of this season, featuring bold and futuristic wraparound shield sunglasses with big, oversized and mono-lens shapes.

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