Give an instant refreshing sensation to your hair with L’erbolario

With the polluted environment that we all are living every day, we think you must have used a lot of pore cleansing masks on your face. We often go to great lengths to take care of the skin on our face and body, but what about the skin on our scalp?

As we are constantly exposed to all sorts of stress and damage like sun exposure, constant chemical treatments, and poor cleansing habits, our scalp becomes easily aggravated. In turn, the already-fragile skin on your scalp works as hard as it can to remedy the situation, often in undesirable ways: excess oiliness, dandruff, itching, flaking and etc.

Made with 96% ingredients of natural origin, L’Erbolario Purifying Scalp Care is a purifying, refreshing and sebum-balancing treatment for hair with stubborn dandruff. With its exfoliating and deodorant action, this Scrub Shampoo is perfect for rebalancing hair that is prone to stubborn dandruff. Thanks to perlite micro-granules that won’t further aggravate the scalp or hair’s delicate condition, a gentle massage removes impurities and promotes surface micro-circulation, countering the uncomfortable feeling of itchiness.

The specially-formulated fragrance contains essential oils of Coriander, Mint and Tea Tree, selected to purify and refresh the scalp without drawing out essential moisture. Day after day, your hair looks cleaner for longer, and your scalp’s balance will be restored.

On the other side, spray the new Refreshing Hair Spray whenever you need during the day to neutralize odors and perfume hair. It will leave hair with an immediate and long-lasting feeling of freshness! This Refreshing Hair Spray neutralizes unpleasant odors caused by smog, cigarette smoke, and cooked food. It also helps alleviate dandruff problems, thanks to the combined action of a carefully-selected blend of herbs. The scalp is purified, and the hair is delicately scented with an uplifting blend of Coriander, Mint and Tea Tree.

L’Erbolario Purifying Scalp Shampoo (200ml) is retail at RM118 while the Refreshing Hair Spray (100ml) is retail at RM157. L’Erbolario Purifying Scalp Care is available at L’Erbolario stores: BSC, 1 Utama, The Gardens and online (