According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, 2017 is a year of dual spring with a leap month, thus regarded as an auspicious year.  This year, the Leap Month falls between 23rd July – 21st August 2017, and in conjunction with the Leap Month, Poh Kong introduces its “Dual Spring, Leap Month” Jewellery collection, an exclusive collection of gold jewellery to commemorate this propitious time.

Bountiful Blessing 999.9 Pure Gold Ring

Bountiful Blessing Gold Ring

Made of 999.9/ 24K pure gold and meticulously crafted with elegant engravings and the eye-catching baifu (“Hundred Blessings”) in Chinese, which signifies blessings are plentiful and coming to the recipient.

Longevity Gold Ring

Made of 916/22K gold and features an engraved shou (longevity) on the top as well as fugui jixiang (nobility & fortune) and shouchang ankang (longevity & health) at the sides to denote a long and healthy life filled with joy.

Good Fortune 999.9 Pure Gold Ring

Good Fortune Gold Ring

A simple and elegant 999.9/24K pure gold ring engraved with dingyounian runyue (Leap Month in the Year of the Rooster) to attract good aura for its bearer.

Golden Chick Pendant

Golden Rooster of Auspiciousness pendant

An adorable pendant which makes a valuable collectible that symbolises auspicious wishes and accumulation of wealth.

Apple Abacus Pendant

Shaped like an apple with an abacus at the reverse, the apple signifies peace while the abacus denotes abundant wealth.

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