PEDRO Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Love Blooms Capsule

Spend this V-Day with your loved ones in style with the latest Love Blooms capsule from PEDRO, designed for the modern and effortless women and men. The unisex appeal in this collection is what makes it outstanding and can be easily styled into any outfit, making it an ideal gift of love for any important being, proving that love is indeed unconditional​.

Using flowers as the inspiration, PEDRO creatively incorporated preserved flowers into the Love Blooms capsule that interprets subtle modern romance and the preservation of love. This concise capsule consists of unisex sneakers and mini mobile phone bag with a unique and meaningful detail – flowers.​

The pair of Ridge Court Sneakers is designed with a unique underfoot twist – unexpected floral imprints and intricate dried flowers embedded into the soles. Only available in white, one cannot go wrong when it comes to classic clean pair of sneakers to suit any ensembles effortlessly.

The perfect pairing with the unisex sneakers, is the Mini Mobile Phone Bag crafted in a classic black shade and a sleek chalk white shade with intricate floral imprints on the front panel. Both suspended by an adjustable shoulder strap, the mini phone bag is a grab and go whenever you need a stylish alternative to hands free options. Roomy enough to fit a smartphone as well as a couple of cards and bills – fit seamlessly into any of your day-to-day look as well.

The Love Bloom capsule collection is available now in stores at PEDRO boutiques and online at

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