For the new season Oroton creates three exciting prints join the line-up injecting totes, wallets and small accessories with a new energy. Directions, is about movement and travel, with a small arrow prints splashed playfully across the fronts of bags and small leather pieces, while Zone is a series of rigid lines that mirror the pared back minimalism of Japanese architecture. The Track print rounds out the offering with pebbled organic shapes in cream and yellow offset against an olive background.

This season Oroton has also taken a classic and re-spun it with signature wit and a sense of fun. The limited edition series of the Estate Tote – The Estate Love, available in three styles, ‘I Love Sydney’, ‘I Love Melbourne’ and the ‘I Love Australia’ totes are a nod to over 75 years of Australian heritage and a proud declaration of the brand’s origins, with a wink.

Functional design meets modern verve with a bright single red heart accompanying the bold black typeface that is reminiscent of souvenirs and the nostalgia brought on by journeys remembered via collected keepsakes. The design is printed on the face of the totes in three classic colours- cream, navy and black. All bags are lined on the inside in a rich and striking red contrast.

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