OMEGA Welcomes Marion Caunter as Friend of the Brand in Malaysia

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OMEGA, the globally renowned Swiss watchmaker, announces the addition of Marion Caunter to its prestigious circle of friends in Malaysia.

Marion, a style icon and entrepreneur, embodies the elegance and contemporary spirit that defines OMEGA. Her illustrious career, co-founding several ventures and launching her own beauty brand “Mare”, showcases her dedication to excellence – a quality that resonates deeply with OMEGA’s commitment to watchmaking perfection.

OMEGA President & CEO, Raynald Aeschlimann, expressed his delight in welcoming Marion, stating: “Her charisma, influence, and push for perfection make her the ideal choice to embody the elegance and contemporary spirit that defines OMEGA.”

When Marion was asked about her most favourite OMEGA timepiece and why it resonates with her personally, the question seemed like a delightful challenge for this friend of the brand. While her Omega Constellation, a gift from her husband (then boyfriend) years ago, holds a special place in her heart for sentimental reasons, her current go-to is the Omega Speedmaster 38. Its versatility allows her to seamlessly transition from casual settings to formal events, making it a versatile companion throughout her day.

For Marion, timepieces are more than just practical tools or fashion statements. They represent a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and personal significance. While she acknowledges the importance of appreciating a watch’s design, she emphasises the crucial role of reliability, precision, and accuracy, values that resonate deeply with the OMEGA brand. Additionally, the personal connection she’s built with OMEGA over time, evident in pieces like her cherished Constellation, imbues her appreciation for the brand with a deeper meaning. As she envisions her daughters inheriting her passion for OMEGA, it becomes clear that her love for the brand transcends time itself.

As a brand known for its legacy of timepieces and exceptional craftsmanship, OMEGA values authentic connections. Marion’s appointment aligns perfectly with OMEGA’s vision of blending classic heritage with modern style, making her a compelling choice for the brand.

By welcoming Marion, OMEGA celebrates the convergence of timeless elegance and contemporary influence. This collaboration further strengthens the brand’s connection with the Malaysian audience and reinforces its commitment to innovation and excellence.

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