MAGlifestyle’s Lunar 2024 “Oriental Rise”: Where Modern Meets Ancient China

This Lunar New Year, MAGlifestyle takes you on a journey of “Oriental Rise” with a collection that blends modern style with the rich heritage of southern China’s Lingnan culture. Think bold peony pinks, dreamy lavender, and fresh pistachio hues adorning sculpted silhouettes that effortlessly flow from day to night.

It’s a celebration of the qipao (cheongsam), reimagined with a contemporary twist. Luxurious fabrics like spring flower-embroidered tulle and textured jacquard bring a touch of opulence, while playful details like ruffles, ostrich feathers, and pearl embellishments add a youthful edge.

Key pieces include a chic scallop mandarin bolero that pairs beautifully with a body-hugging qipao-shaped dress (cheongsam) for endless mix-and-match possibilities. A playful denim embroidery of a dragon adds a nod to the 2024 zodiac year.

Day or night, MAGlifestyle has you covered. Embrace the elegance of a colour tweed crop top or halter neck qipao during the day, then turn heads with a sequin bralet and high-slit satin skirt or a dazzling sequin qipao with a detachable mandarin collar.

Whether you’re looking for a touch of understated luxury or a full-on glamorous statement, MAGlifestyle’s Lunar 2024 collection has something for everyone. Visit to explore the full “Oriental Rise” collection.

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