Giordano latest collaboration project with LINE

“LINE FRIENDS Collection” by Giordano launching in Malaysia this March

s06-108“World Without Strangers” is an important company philosophy of Giordano. It is the philosophy of treating everybody in the world as a friend regardless what race, what nationality, what country, what religion, what profession, what walk of life and what color he or she is. The world is getting smaller and there is more interaction among people than ever before and we cannot afford to discriminate.

s05-040Aligning with our philosophy, Giordano is collaborating with a popular communication app – LINE, to present a whole series of LINE FRIENDS collection in this March 2015. The collection highlights LINE characters like Brown, Coney, Sally, Moon and James, featuring the theme “Love & Togetherness”. LINE FRIENDS collection comes in unique design styles with different silhouettes such as slim tee, crop tee (only women), polo shirt (only men), jumpers, baseball jackets, and French Terry pants for both men and women, which are favored by the young and trendy groups nowadays. Furthermore, the main highlight in the whole collection is the LIMITED DITION LINE FRIENDS TEE SHIRT with the 5 main LINE characters featured in bright and cheerful mood which should not be missed out!

141211_PACK_GIORDANO 11478Last but not least, this special LINE FRIENDS Collection is only available at Giordano in Southeast Asian Countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Together with other Giordano families, Giordano Malaysia hopes to bring everyone closer with LINE FRIENDS.

*The price of LINE FRIENDS Collection in Malaysia ranges from RM 69 – RM 159.