At this holiday and festive season, if you are looking for personalized gifts for your loved ones, LACOSTE Chantaco handbag or small leather goods would be a perfect choice. LACOSTE teams up with authentic craftsmen to allow their customers have their Chantaco handbag elegantly monogrammed the traditional French ‘savoir-faire’ for this holiday season in the selected boutiques across six Asian cities.

From November 13 to 29, one of France’s top gilder artisans presents in person to LACOSTE’s flagship stores in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and
Manila respectively, to demonstrate the meticulous gold foil application and leather gilding process, appending the initials of customers’ choice onto their LACOSTE Chantaco handbag or small leather goods, for an elegant and truly personal gift. The French master gilder whose authentic craftsmanship and attention to detail have been passed down through generations, for a match made in high-quality heaven.

During the visit of the French top gilder artisan to LACOSTE’s flagship stores in KLCC Kuala Lumpur last week, LACOSTE treated media and celebrity friends to an exclusive afternoon to witness the savoir faire of the French top gilder artisan in creating the personalised Chantaco hangbags. Guests were also entertained by a beautiful live violin performance by the talented international violinist, Josh Kua.

LACOSTE Chantaco Range

Inspired by and named for the lush, sleek and immaculately manicured golf course, which served as a long-time playground of René Lacoste and his champion golfing wife, the Chantaco range comprises a collection of leather goods imbued with the sport’s bygone elegance, tailored for the adventures of the modern world.

The clean lines, crisp structures and spirited colourways make Chantaco bags the ideal companion to the dynamic lives of those who place importance on high quality and joie de vivre. A personal, hand-applied monogram completes the picture as LACOSTE’s ageless style meets authentic French craftsmanship; and as a final flourish, the combination makes for an exceptional gift for a loved one, or for yourself!