Keith Kee Couture Takes On Modern Cheongsam In ‘Ode To Spring’

Inspired by the remarkable beauty of birds and flowers, Keith Kee Couture presented its Lunar New Year collection for Spring Summer 2018 at Ruyi & Lyn last night.

Unlike last year’s ‘Iceland Snow White’ collection, Keith Kee has shifted his vision this year towards Spring where birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. Known for designing beautiful cheongsams, the designer has reworked the traditional chinese costume into a modernized version which includes western elements like coatees, spencer jackets and capes amidst the traditional touches like mandarin high collars, frog buttons and side slits.

In the 50-piece collection (where 10 of them are Couture pieces), soft and refreshing pastels are abundance. From salmon to baby blue to canary yellow, sprigs of prunus or plum flowers blossoms while all kinds of birds imaginable perched daintily or fly freely. The kingfisher, oriole, magpie and mandarin ducks are immortalized in the Keith Kee’s fantasy where he tries to recreate classical Chinese paintings where one can also spot other feathered friends such as the pheasant, paradise fly-catcher and sun bird as well as butterflies, dragonflies and bees.

“I’ve made 50 pieces for this show of which 10 are Haute Couture and will not feature any birds or plants but flowers, patterns and specific cuts. I love Chinese classical paintings of flowers and birds so I tried to recreate such lovely paintings unto my dresses. Rather than turn every dress into a botanical garden, I’m more restrained in my palette. If the designs are top-heavy then the skirt will be plain and vice versa”, said Keith Kee.



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