Every country and places have their own wearing style. Apart from the Korean style, if you want to be unique and fashionable while you walk on the street, why not try French girls’ style. Their style is usually simple while adding some fashion touch. Here’s are French girl 5 essential items that you must have in your wardrobe!


If you like to wear a denim jacket, why not try blazer? Pair it with T-shirt and denim shorts, it will give you the effortless fashion style. Try to buy plain pieces if you don’t know how to pair, a plain blazer will be easier for you to mix and match.

Straw hat

Who says straw hat is meant to wear on beaches or during vacation? Wearing a straw hat with a one-piece dress, it will give you some casual and leisure feeling on a weekend.


Sandals are the easiest way to wear out the French fashion, pick comfortable sandals to match with your denim shorts and shirts. If you are a heels lover, maybe you can opt for wedges instead of normal heels.

Oversize earrings

Oversized earrings are the must have accessories no matter what. It can simply match with any occasion and exudes elegance feeling on you. Choose a round shape earrings as it is easier to match if you are new to earrings.

One-piece dress

A one-piece dress is the must have in your wardrobe as it can wear anywhere and anytime. Match it with a blazer and the oversized earrings and straw hat on this weekend to create a new sweet looking girl.

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