Triumph Forever Young Collection offers gorgeous body-enhancing pieces that helps you effortlessly slip back into that favorite little dress that’s been sitting in your wardrobe for years, just waiting to be admired again! The collection – from high-performance contouring pieces, to a superb new Beauty-Full series that creates a rounder, more youthful bust shape, will have you feeling young again in a snap.

02)16-7693_74-6251-B9_A05_0137Sensual, stylish and extremely comfy, Forever Young’s adorable shaping pieces allow you total freedom to move while providing an all-over flawless appearance.


Advanced bra-design features, such as extra-high side panels with strong bones, non-slip straps and a U-Back style impart added support and stability whilst ensuring perfection from every angle.

11)16-7693_41-269-P9_A02_0002Combining function, form and fabulous fit, this alluring range is a chic take on classic shape wear, with each alluring piece offering a unique fusion of contemporary style and highly comfortable curve control.


Contouring and enhancing in all the right places, Forever Young effortlessly shapes exquisite curves with all the seductive allure of glamorous lace, fashionable colour choices and feminine elegance.

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