Congrats! UNIQLO Achieved Collection Target for “10 Million Ways to HELP”

Congratulatios and well done to UNIQLO for achieving, and even slightly surpassed, its original target of collecting 10 million items of clothing as part of the company’s “10 Million Ways to HELP” project, to provide clothing to refugees around the world!

The total number of items collected is 10.37 million items, and achieving the goal for this project was made possible through the cooperation and efforts of everyone in the 16 countries where UNIQLO currently operates, including Japan, as well as the 846 locations of 112 partner companies, 238 schools and educational institutions, 28 student organizations, and various community groups in Japan.

“10 Million Ways to HELP” is an extension of the All-Product Recycling Initiative first launched by the clothing brand’s company, Fast Retailing in 2006, to expand clothing aid to the growing population of refugees and displaced people around the world. The items collected are delivered to refugees through the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), with which Fast Retailing has a global partnership, together with international NGOs.

As part of its All-Product Recycling Initiative, Fast Retailing collected 39.49 million items in 15 countries, and distributed 16.32 million items in 59 countries and regions from 2006 through August 2015, With the addition of the company’s most recent effort, a total of close to 50 million items have been collected so far.

At the end of last year, Fast Retailing began sending items of clothing collected through the “10 Million Ways to Help” project to needy people in Uganda, Nigeria and Liberia. Fast Retailing will continue to assess clothing needs around the world, and provide items to places where they are needed.