#CNY2019: Celebrate New Lunar Year with Poh Kong’s 2019 Auspicious Collection

Intricately crafted and designed with delicate details, the 2019 Auspicious Collection by Poh Kong features key elements synonymous to prosperity, wealth and good fortune, as well as the Year of the Boar in various meaningful, timeless and fashionable designs.

The series of pieces featured in the 2019 collection will add a touch of stylish elegance to its wearers as we spring into the new Lunar year. There’s no better time than now to treat yourself or your loved ones with a piece from the 2019 Auspicious Collection by Poh Kong.

Golden Delights Series

Blooming Happiness

The time-honored Golden Delights Series under the collection includes exquisite pieces from the Blooming Happiness jewellery series. The designs of the pure lotus flower come in the form of a delightful pendant and ring with an enduring classic feel, which will give its wearer an aura of truth, goodness and beauty while enchanting onlookers and welcoming good fortune.

Gourds of Fortune

This gourd necklace and earrings which prominently feature the peony flower are a specific symbolic characterisation of ‘Fame & Fortune’. The peony flower symbolises wealth and honor, while the gourd functions as a feng shui element to ward off evil and bring glory to men. On the other hand, in some Chinese dialects, saying hulu (葫 芦) for gourd sounds similar to fulu (福禄) which means “happiness and rank” – further deepening its symbolism of ‘Fame & Fortune’.

Key of Prosperity and Key of Bliss

the series also includes the charming Key of Prosperity which is believed to enable wearers to unlock riches and gain wealth, as well as the Key of Bliss which features the design of a popularity knot which enables its wearer to break human bondage and receive help from many benefactors.

Prosperity Pixiu Series

The Prosperity Pixiu Series includes the Flourishing Pixiu pendant and ring featuring the pixiu and the ancient Chinese coin. When worn or placed in feng shui positions, these elements have the energies to attract and accumulate wealth, riches and blessings to its wearers as well as to guard homes by warding off evil.

Wealth & Prosperity Series

Prosperity Dragon

The impeccable Prosperity Dragon ring was meticulously designed after the most revered animal in Chinese culture, to bring its wearers flourishing success in their careers and to ward off evil spirits for protection.

Prosperity-Dragon-RingFortune & Prosperity

the striking Fortune & Prosperity ring features a citrine and a square ancient Chinese coin. Known as the Merchant’s Stone throughout history, the citrine is widely considered to be a wealth attracting stone, while ancient Chinese coins symbolise the possession of money and good fortune in abundance.

Fortune-and-Prosperity-RingAbacus of Prosperity

Rounding up Poh Kong’s 2019 Auspicious Collection is the Abacus of Prosperity Series featuring the Ruyi Abacus pendant. The Ruyi and abacus are ingeniously matched together in this detailed design symbolising the hope for all things to work out according to the wearer’s plans and desires while simultaneously welcoming wealth.

Spring into the Lunar New Year with the Poh Kong 2019 Auspicious Jewellery Collection, available at all Poh Kong outlets from January 2019 onwards.

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