Cerruti 1881 Embraces Cutting Edge Innovation With Odissea Master Timepiece

Parisian fashion house Cerruti 1881 recently unveiled the latest member to its growing time-teller family, the Odissea Master, at a launch event at Acme Bar & Coffee in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The brand’s Regional Sales and Marketing Director, Rajiv Mehra, took a walk down history lane and explained how the brand came to be including the inclusion of timepiece to its extensive lines.

Embracing cutting edge innovation, the new series is far from ordinary. The Odissea Master comes in a stunning square face bolted down by silver screws on an ion plated gun case. What makes the Odissea Master stands out is the lines on the bezel and the indices that are all angled inward toward a vanishing point at the center of the watch, resulting in a three-dimensional infinity box effect that’s equally tough and edgy.

Square chronograph windows sit on a diamond pattern while bold white hands glide effortlessly across the face. This intrinsic piece fastens with a matte black rubber strap with the Cerruti 1881 logo in raised letters, giving the time-teller a sleek look that’s perfect for everyday wear. The Odissea Master is also available in a few colour schemes to suit your taste.

Odissea Master_CRA012I224G-minOdissea Master_CRA012SU02BK-minOdissea Master_CRA012SRBL03DBL

For further info, head over to cerruti.com.

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