In conjunction with the celebration of Casio Malaysia’s 35th anniversary of its G-SHOCK brand in April 2018, Casio released a commemorative collection – BIG BANG BLACK, which consists of four G-SHOCK models featuring the new colour, matte black.

The BIG BANG BLACK collection which is the first set of the 35th anniversary models, employs a new kind of black, the symbolic colour of the brand. The matte finishing of the new base colour was achieved with the technology that incorporates particles into the paint. The gold colour back case expresses the instantaneous mega explosion of the Big Bang in contrast to the matte black.

The back case of these models are engraved with the G-SHOCK 35th anniversary logo designed by Eric Haze, a world famous graphic artist, while the metal band loops are emblazoned with a star emblem that represents 35 years. The phrase, “SINCE 1983” is featured on the dials, and special packaging has also been created to further enhance this very exceptional collection.

BIG BANG BLACK collection of four models 

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