We’re all a little more conscious about the choices we make in life and this boils down to even the brands that we choose to support. Do you want organic food, are you pro “from farm-to-table”, what about where your fashion comes from? Do you want to make sure you support brands that are highly ethical and do the right thing by the world and by you?

There’s now an app for that.

Ethical Fashion with Good on You

Called Good on You, this little app helps shoppers find out more information about protection standards of the environment, labour, and animals, which helps you (shoppers) make better informed purchases. It’s a time where we can all now be socially conscious and aware global citizens and stand to support the brands that deserve support.

We recall horror stories of factory workers earning below-minimum wage for inhumane hours and very little provisions. Let’s not let that happen again.

Check out the app that is now available for free for iOS and Android – it may be heavily skewed towards the Australian market but it still provides a great source of information at the touch of a finger.

good on you fashion app ethical fashion
Image: mashable.com

Read more about this app and how it works here

– Cover image: andrewmcconnell.photoshelter.com