Bonia Debuts a Refreshed “Neu B” Logo with This Season’s Dreamy “Neu Romantic” Collection

This season, Bonia takes you on a journey into a grand oasis from their prestigious past towards the mystical horizons of their future with the Neu Romantic collection. This dreamy collection was showcased in a campaign that adopted the wealth of our homegrown talent, from Donce Floristry’s other worldly arrangements to the meticulous 3D rendering of artist Chong Yan Chuah.

Pairing a redesigned emblem with a dynamically contemporary collection, this season Bonia unveils the Neu B logo, which features the two interlaced Bs. The logo elegantly marks the beginning of a new journey while paying tribute to the brand’s heritage. The Neu B embraces Bonia’s lifelong love for Italy, the Renaissance era and famed historical sculptor, Giambalogna.

The Neu B’s font bears characteristics of the Renaissance period: ornate and bold wrought-iron lettering finished with contemporary finesse. The two interlaced Bs, one larger than the other, evoke an expansion that is synonymous with the brand’s own evolution. The monogram expresses the merging of two paths—of tradition and innovation.

The Neu B, which features the two interlaced Bs

Symbolizing this new journey, the Neu Romantic collection reflects on the brand’s origins and identity by paying tribute to the brand’s history of craftsmanship and appreciation of the visual arts.

By simultaneously looking outwards to the future and inwards to the past, parallel discoveries define the designs right down to each minute detail. Patterns, textures and materials take inspiration from contemporary cues whilst remaining true to the brand’s traditional ideals. The aim is bring together a reverence for the brand’s heritage with the courage to embrace new frontiers.


Using an ultra-feminine silhouette and clean edges in the design, Miley is a bag designed for professional woman, and suits both the formal and the casual.


Inspired by the Winged Victory of Samothrace – a masterpiece of Hellenistic sculpture – this tote bag conveys a sense of action and triumph while portraying artful drapery, as though a goddess were descending to alight upon the prow of a ship.


Embossed with a geometric pattern evocative ofBonia’s heritage monogram, the Dravmo collection embraces a contemporary look with uncompromising functionality, designed deliberately for fitness enthusiasts.


Inspired by the graceful Meghan Markle, this stunning bag is a representation of modern-day icons as well as the new brand direction. The Meghan features the neu B logo and a radial pattern on the front facade.


A collection that takes inspiration from the timeless style of military prints, remixed with an 8-bit retro on technical nylon fabric to create a modern iteration of this classic staple.


Inspired by the future of space commuting, the Astron series is crafted for the versatile man who loves a functional silhouette that befits both a busy week and a wild weekend.

7Coming Soon: Venice

The Venice bag that was introduced in the 90s has been reimagined and will be released next month. From the playful locket to its striking white leather, the reimagined design is glamour and whimsy in equal measure.

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