#NewIn: Sisley Introduces Sisleÿa La Cure – A Four-Week Anti-Aging Care Program for Skin Regeneration

Taking inspiration from research concerning the mechanisms of autophagy and by further expanding its knowledge of the living and its fundamental cell mechanisms, Sisley has created an innovative anti-ageing solution that’s capable to reactivate the cells’ vital energy at its source to combat ageing from the inside out and to fully restore the skin’s vitality.

The latest Sisley’s anti-aging innovation, the Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge La Cure, is a bespoke skincare program that lies within one unique formula in four bottlesto restart the fundamental cell mechanisms one by one in four weeks, in order to reborn the skin through deep and intense regeneration.

Each week, each bottle of the Sisleÿa La Cure unlocks the mechanisms that allow the skin to renew and regenerate itself by acting gradually to restore its quintessential youth potential.

  • First week – to awake the skin: The skin’s defences are boosted to immediately counter cellular slowdown; the cells’ energy is reactivated.
  • Second week – to detox and eliminate: A phase of optimal regeneration dedicated to eliminating damaged mitochondria is launched. The cell’s integrity and ability to regenerate are restored.
  • Third week – to optimise and protect: The connections of skin’s natural defences and antioxidant properties are reinforced to boost the output of vital energy and transport it to the heart of the cells.
  • Fourth week – to lastingly consolidate the effects: All the vital mechanisms within the cell are now coordinated and optimal.

Sisleÿa La Cure is an exclusive concentrate formed from a combination of 19 powerful and targeted plant extracts to act at the source and provide a complementary action on the three key mechanisms of the energy cycle:

  1. To protect the mitochondria
  2. To reconnect/repair the mitochondrial network
  3. To eliminate the damaged mitochondria

Mitochondria are found at the heart of skin cells and are predominant source of a cell’s energy. When the mitochondria is damaged, its functions slow down and cells are no longer supported. Thus Sisleÿa La Cure is created to ensure that the mitochondria and the cell life cycle function correctly in producing, circulating and recycling vital cellular energy through the above three actions. Sisleya La Cure eliminates the damaged mitochondria and repairs and regenerates the mitochondria to energize the skin for a rested, radiant and regains the characteristics of a youthful skin.

The plant extracts consist of:

  • Gingko biloba leaf extract is combined with Vitamin E Acetate to protect the mitochondria.
  • Mariposa Blanca rhizome extract reconnects the mitochondrial network.
  • Peony extract paired with Longevity Sugar Complex encourages the elimination of damaged mitochondria.
  • Persian Acacia extract to optimise the production of energy in the cells and to repair the skin damages caused by cellular fatigue.
  • Lindera extract to help resynchronise the skin’s bio-rhythms and allow the cellular metabolism to regain the ideal activity level of younger skin.
  • Soy and Yeast protein complex to help maintain the integrity of cell DNA in the face of stress and to prolong cells’ vitality and life expectancy.
  • Concentrated Centella asiatica extract completes the formula by providing all skin layers with its regenerative properties.

To achieve optimal results, specific gestures are required, which should be repeated morning and night throughout the four week program. First, press eight pumps of the formula into the palm of your hands and then massage into the face and neck. The fresh and aqueous formula will transform into a rich and silky texture that provides the skin with comfort and particular well-being and restores its energy.

Sisleÿa La Cure should be used after cleanser and toner, and no other product is needed. During day time, you can apply sunblock after the Sisleÿa La Cure when you are out in the sun. It’s ideally to be used twice a year or whenever you feel your skin is in need of a recharge.

The four-week anti-aging care program that features four bottles of Sisleÿa La Cure costs RM3,980. The Sisleÿa La Cure has been available at all Sisley Malaysia counters nationwide and online at sisley-paris.com from September 2020 onwards .

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