Adidas Launches Malaysia-Exclusive Batik Trefoil Tee

adidas launched its first Malaysia-exclusive Batik Trefoil Tee in collaboration with Malaysian artist, Jaemy Choong — continuing the brand’s collaborative effort to create endless opportunities, while staying true to its local identity.

The adidas Trefoil logo first appeared in 1972 as a representation of creativity and diversity, and continues to make its mark today. A creator known for his unique calligraphy techniques and blending of various art styles, Jaemy took the iconic adidas Trefoil with his own flair back in 2020, where he designed a one-of-a-kind floor rug and cash desk in celebration of the Originals flagship store debut at Pavilion KL. Combining contemporary culture with batik floral motifs, Jaemy unfolds his creative interpretation of adidas’ heritage via the Batik Trefoil.

Amongst the intricate floral motifs of the Batik Trefoil, a classic adidas sneaker is spotted, coupled with a ‘Kuala Lumpur’ callout below it with similar colour treatment on the tee, showcasing the brand’s unceasing effort to stay rooted in its bold identity while staying relevant to the local Malaysian customers.

“The floral and colourful motifs in batik really allowed me to reimagine the iconic adidas Trefoil logo, by combining it with contemporary culture. By showcasing the rich and diverse Malaysian culture on the adidas Batik Trefoil Tee, Malaysians can resonate with their local culture and feel a sense of pride and belonging,” said Jaemy Choong.

The adidas Batik Trefoil tee is available from 25 March onwards, exclusively at adidas Originals flagship store, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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