For many of us, fashion is just not our things. No matter how many styles we have tried, it just feels weird on us, perhaps you should follow these few Instagram accounts to help yourself to slowly get to know how do ladies out there normally dress up. We shortlisted 5 Instagram accounts owners that have great fashion sense where even blouse and shorts can be as pretty and casual too, follow them before you regret!

1. Ellen Wu

Ellen Wu is a Taiwanese artist. We like her simple style that matches so well. With over 175K of followers on Instagram, we guess most of the people like her minimal style.

2. Pimtha

Despite her cute looking face, she is very talented in photography too. Her pictures are all taken by her, and it looks very professional. Apart from looking at her style on fashion, look at her beautifully taken photos too! Especially the food and travel photos.

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3. Chenellewen

Chenellewen is a Malaysia travel, fashion, beauty blogger and YouTuber. If you’re a petite girl like her, see how she style up herself with her great fashion sense. She can easily take sexy, casual, boy-ish style!

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4. Isabella Wong

From a blogger who now also works as a trainer at Flycycle, she is more into Western looking style.  Follow her if you wish to pick up cozy and casual style.

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5. Rachel Lim

Co-Founder of Singapore’s fashion e-store @lovebonito, Rachel has a following of more than 100k, and she always inspire her followers with her effortlessly chic style and active lifestyle.

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