The All-New Range Rover L460 Launched in Malaysia. Price starts from RM1,268,000.

Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia recently launched its all-new fifth-generation luxury sports utility vehicle (SUV), the Range Rover L460, which is claimed as the best-in-class luxury performance SUV. The new Range Rover combines advanced technology with modern luxury to deliver peerless refinement for every occupant and is the first model to use Land Rover’s new flexible Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA-Flex).

Powered by a 4.4 litre turbocharged V8 petrol engine producing 530 horsepower and 750Nm of torque, the Range Rover L460 comprises highly attractive premium features, including 22-inch alloy rims, All-Wheel Steering and sumptuous semi-aniline leather seats. This is complemented by cutting-edge technology, such as a 3D surround camera, a 13.7-inch interactive driver display, a 13.1-inch curved glass floating touchscreen, and a Meridian audio system ranging from 400-watts to 1,600-watts. Along with a minimum trim of High Specification Equipment, the new Range Rover represents the pinnacle of modern luxury in the SUV segment, with abundant bespoke customisation and personalisation options.

This fifth-generation luxury SUV takes Land Rover’s modernist design philosophy to the next level with a contemporary interpretation of its trademark profile to create an incredible design statement. The new Range Rover is defined by harmony of proportions, reductive surfaces and precise lines – supported by design-enabling technologies to give a honed-from-solid appearance.

Its uniquely distinctive design, defined by its uninterrupted edge, accentuates the new Range Rover’s strong, beautifully sculpted body. Flush elements, clean expansive surfaces, hidden-until-lit tail lamps and precise detailing take the design philosophy to new levels of emotional engagement.

The harmonious design of the new Range Rover strikes a balance across weight, strength and stiffness, with the improved aerodynamics of this model maximising efficiency. With a spacious five-seat interior, the vehicle is 75mm longer than the previous model due to the MLA-Flex body architecture, which is up to 50% stiffer. In addition, engineering enhancements contribute to a 24% improvement in noise transmission. Combining state-of-th-eart engineering techniques with 260,000 virtual tests and 1.2 million km of prototype testing, the new Range Rover is robust, sophisticated and delivers benchmark quality.

As a world-first feature, hidden-until-lit taillights accentuate the overall visual of the SUV. A 10mm lower roofline reduces the frontal area of the vehicle with no compromise to interior space, while elegant fully flush doors and glazing minimise disturbance to the airflow as it passes down the side of the vehicle.

The new Range Rover features a modern and sophisticated interior, underpinned by its impeccable reductive nature, tactile materials and an intuitive approach to relevant technology. A wireless device charger allows drivers to charge their smartphones wirelessly within the vehicle by placement of a compatible CE device onto a charging surface. The new model is also equipped with the intuitive Pivi Pro infotainment system, which includes a 13.1-inch curved floating glass touchscreen with haptic feedback. This is complemented by a new 13.7-inch Interactive Driver Display, enhancing the cutting-edge Pivi Pro technology with high-definition graphics and a configurable layout.

To ensure a smooth driving and parking process, ClearSight Ground View is included with a 3D Surround Camera, enabling drivers to effectively see ‘through’ the bonnet, while manoeuvring lights illuminate the ground at low speed to help guide drivers safely into tight spots.

A suite of innovative technologies contributes to the new Range Rover’s peerless comfort and refinement. New third-generation Active Noise Cancellation technology delivers one of the quietest cabins on the road. It builds on the hushed and sealed body architecture by using accelerometers and microphones on the outside of the vehicle to create quiet zones for the cabin occupants.

Sophisticated safety features are also installed, including next-generation Electronic Air Suspension to automatically lower the ride height when cruising above 105km/h for enhanced efficiency and primes the vehicle to approach corners with ease, along with smart aerodynamic features such as active brake cooling. Standard All-Wheel Steering is an added bonus, providing greater high-speed stability and a tight turning circle kerb-to-kerb of less than 11m, making this the most manoeuvrable Range Rover ever. The all-new Range Rover also includes a smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission with twin-speed transmission for better low-speed control in off-road situations.

The all-new Range Rover L460 is now available at a starting price of RM1,268,000 for duty-free and RM2,488,000 for duty-paid.

The P530 is powered by a 530PS 4.4-litre V8 engine, producing 750Nm of torque and running at 1,800 to 4,600rpm.

The Range Rover L460 is available for booking. Visit for more information.

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