People are always saying that kids of the current generation are very lucky, in a sense that we have more entertainment choices compared to our parents. Nowadays, we can go cafe-hunting, visit indoor trampoline parks, challenge our fears in escape rooms, and so on.

Yet despite all these new places to hang out at, some of us are still very into the healthy karaoke entertainment culture in Malaysia, which include popular karaoke places such as Redbox, Loudspeaker, Neway, and more.

Take a look at this list, where we have shortlisted 20 surefire songs that will elevate your karaoke game.

1. A-Niu 阿牛 — 对面的女孩看过来

One of the Malaysian singers, actors, and directors that we are really proud of.

2. Shila Amzah — 想你的夜

Another singer-songwriter that we are really proud of. Whether you prefer this version or the other versions by 张信哲 or 关喆, this song is a very popular one that should not be missed out on during KTV sessions.

3. Andrew 陈势安 — 天后

To every broken-hearted guy out there, let this song take your pain away and forget your relationship troubles for a moment.

4. Gary Cao Ge 曹格 — 背叛

The one song that every guy — and girl — will sing when they find out that they have gotten cheated on by their loved ones.

5. G.E.M 邓紫棋 — 你把我灌醉

The song that is dedicated to people who are deeply in love with their another half — and won’t mind even if they hurt you badly.

6. Harlem Yu 庾澄庆 — 热情的沙漠

It is quite impossible to go wrong with this song because everyone knows the chorus. This song has been overused at wedding dinners, occasions at the Chinese temple, and of course, the KTV room.

7. Sam Lee 李圣杰 — 痴心绝对

Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or you just got dumped, you cannot miss Sam Lee’s sad songs because he has the best KTV songs ever. Even guys who speak broken Mandarin want to learn his songs to kao lui. Same goes for the song below…

8. Sam Lee 李圣杰 — 手放开

9. Michael Wong 光良 — 童话

It is the song that touched millions of hearts, regardless of whether you understand the language. This song can be learnt easily, so it was quite overplayed when it first came out.

9. Jay Chou 周杰伦 — 我不配

How can a Mandopop KTV list be complete without the fangirls’ male god Jay Chou? Aside from his iconic song Quiet (安静), this is one song we can’t leave out when we are singing our hearts out at the KTV. The music video tells the story of how much his ex-girlfriend suffered because he had to keep his relationship secret as one of the big stars in the entertainment industry.

10. Jay Chou 周杰伦 & Lara — 珊瑚海

Often sung with your other half or a member of the opposite sex, this is one of the most popular Mandarin duet songs for Malaysians to sing. Girls, if you think you can’t keep up with Lara’s vocals, you might consider choosing the next one:

11. Lee Hom 王力宏 & Selina — 你是我心内的一首歌

Soothing melody, simple lyrics, and some Hokkien in it — not to forget, the musically talented, handsome, and charming Lee Hom.

12. Power Station 动力火车 — 无情的情书

The one song that every heart broken guy will sing their hearts out to.

13. Harlem Yu 庾澄庆 — 情非得已

Back in the days when Meteor Garden was the hottest Taiwanese drama, this song was extremely popular.

14. Wan Fang 万芳 — 新不了情

Old but gold, this song will kill you when you sing it alone. You will still continue, though, because it’s so relatable (A word of warning: this song will bring up old memories of your ex, and haunt you non-stop.)

15. Landy Wen 温岚 — 傻瓜

The one song that every heartbroken girl will sing along to.

16. Lee Hom 王力宏  — 唯一

It is arguably one of Lee Hom’s most iconic songs which every Lee Hom’s fangirl or fanboy would sing whenever they visit the KTV.

17. Chopstick Brothers 筷子兄弟 — 小苹果

For the parents who bring their kids to the KTV, I’m sure that this song will most likely to be in the singing list.

18. A-Mit 阿妹 – 掉了

For the A-Mit fans.

19. Hsiao Huang-Chi 萧煌奇 – 你是我的眼

Sing your heart out and let out your high-pitched scream! Ni shi wooooo de yannnnn.

20. Leo Ku 古巨基 – 勁歌金曲2 情歌王

A quick tip for you: pick this song in the last three minutes of your KTV session. You will thank me.