#Scenes: Daughtry Live In Kuala Lumpur 2018 Concert

To say that Daughtry killed it on stage last Friday was an understatement.

The multi-platinum rock band fronted by American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry went hard right from the start at their concert here in Kuala Lumpur, kicking off with “Just Found Heaven” off their new album Cage To Rattle (to be released July 27th) followed by “Feels Like Tonight”, the fourth main single from the band’s debut album that peaked at number 1 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 in United States.

Daughtry MY 0713_03

Malaysia was the last stop of their World Tour in Asia, having performed in Thailand on May 21st and Singapore just two days before the show in KL Live, Life Center. There was not a moment where Chris’ vocals weren’t stupendous but then again we’re talking about the guy whose American Idol elimination stirred up quite the controversy that even Ellen Degeneres felt the need to ask former US presidents Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush if they could do something about Chris’ shocking elimination when they made an appearance on her show.

Although it’s clear that the fans live for the old hits such as “It’s Not Over” and “Home”, it’s refreshing to hear the guys play the more recent tunes like “Backbone”, “Battleships” and “Waiting For Superman” in their setlist.

Needless to say, the electrifying performance started our Friday night right and we left the concert venue with our hearts full yet craving for more.

Daughtry MY 0713_02Daughtry MY 0713_07Daughtry MY 0713_11Daughtry MY 0713_10zDaughtry MY 0713_05zDaughtry MY 0713_09Daughtry MY 0713_08Daughtry MY 0713_01Source: IMC Live Group Malaysia

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