What Does Healthy Mean to You?

Today’s wellness revolution is developing rapidly and positioning products as ‘healthy’ is no longer enough for discerning customers. In order to effectively resonate with consumers through health claims, firmly identifying what this term actually means to them will be essential, according to GlobalData’s primary consumer research.

According to the research, when asked what consumers believed healthy to mean, the factor which most resonated with consumers globally was ‘natural’, highlighting the popularity of unprocessed whole ingredients as a route to better health and the continued impact this claim has among a global audience.

Jamie Mills, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “This is further strengthened by ‘fresh / raw’ which also ranked within the top five claims resonating with consumers. Positive claims such as these fit in with consumer desire to achieve optimum health through their lifestyle and are particularly evident as balanced nutrition was ranked the second most ‘healthful’ claim.”

Nevertheless, moderation claims continue to carry currency among today’s consumers. In particular, the demonization of sugar has contributed to low or no sugar being synonymous with health. This is evident in that being low in sugar resonated third highest among a global audience.

Similarly, despite numerous diet movements which have promoted the benefits of ‘full fat’ such as the Banting diet and other low carbohydrate meal plans, being low in fat also resonates well.

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